Forms for Appointments

Policy Forms

All clients must read and sign BOTH of the following forms and bring them to the first session. If you do not have a printer, please read these forms online.

Client Intake Information Form

All clients must fill out a Client Intake Information form. There are 2 methods for filling out this form.

Preferred Method / Online: You can fill out your Client Intake Information form online via your Patient Fusion account. If you do not have a Patient Fusion account, please send an email to and request an invite to Patient Fusion.

  1. Go to
  2. Log in using your email address and password
  3. Go to “Appointments”
  4. Click on your next appointment
  5. Click “Check-In”
  6. You will be taken to an online form
  7. Click on the first question, fill in the requested information, and click the link to continue to the next question
  8. When you have completed all questions, submit the form

This online method reduces paperwork time, so we will have more time in your session to talk about your experiences and goals rather than filling out and reviewing paperwork.

Alternate Method / Download and Print: If you have difficulty with the online form or prefer a paper form, you can download the form and print it. Please fill out the form before arriving to your appointment to reduce paperwork time, and bring the form to your first session.

Guardians of Child/Adolescent Clients

All parents/guardians of teenage clients 17 years old and younger must fill out and sign the following parent form and submit it at the first session.

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