New Clients: Getting Started

Step by Step

  1. Learn about counseling: Read the FAQ about Counseling.
  2. Learn about our provider’s Specialties. If we are not able to provide service for your situation, we may be able to help you find another provider who can meet your needs.
  3. Find out about our Hours for Appointments to learn if our schedule will meet your needs.
  4. Find out about our Fees and Payments. If you are unable to afford our services, we may be able to help you find other providers who can accommodate your budget.
  5. Look at our Location information to determine if you will have any difficulties getting to our office.
  6. Call Kristen at (503) 766-9083 to talk about your counseling needs, scheduling, questions, and concerns.
  7. Go to Forms for Appointments and download the forms that pertain to you. You will need to fill out the forms and sign them. You can submit them electronically using secured email or bring them to your first session.
  8. Get the door code from your counselor. The front door of the building is locked for security purposes, and you will need to enter a code to unlock the door.

Common Concerns of New Clients Who Want to Make that First Appointment

–written by Kristen

What if I’m scared to call?

No problem! I’ve been afraid to make difficult phone calls too, so I understand. I typically don’t answer my phone during incoming calls (I may be working with clients, driving, etc.), so your call will likely go to voicemail. You can call and leave a message, and I can call you back. You can also call, listen to the voicemail greeting and hang up, or you can call and hang up right away. I will only call you back if you leave a message, so you can feel free to take little steps to build up your courage to leave a message.

What if you do answer the phone, and I’m not ready to talk?

You can say “hi,” tell me “I’ll call back later,” or just hang up without saying anything. It’s really OK. I don’t mind.

What if somebody else answers the phone?

At times we may have office assistants who handle phone calls, appointments, finances, and so forth. All office staff will be trained to interact professionally and compassionately with anyone who calls our office and to maintain a high standard of privacy for everyone we serve. They will not ask you for any personal information that is not necessary. Information typically gathered to get you into our scheduling and records system includes your name, phone number, address, email, gender, and birth date. Most calls will be sent to my phone line, so you will usually reach me or my voicemail, and I will handle the vast majority of calls.

What if I can’t use a phone?

A phone call is preferred, but if you cannot use a phone for any reason, you can send me an email. However, most email is not secure, so if you send it from your personal email account, somebody else (like a hacker) might be able to read it. I recommend sending me an email that says something like, “I want to get a secured messaging account, so I can learn more about your services.”

What if you can’t help me with my problems?

We can discuss options for helping you find the services you need from other providers and organizations. Usually, we will give you contact information for other professionals who may be able to meet your needs. While you will not technically be a client of Gresham Counseling and Therapy LLC, we will still protect your confidentiality with the same care that we use for our clients, and there is no charge for receiving information about resources or referrals.

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