Gresham Counseling and Therapy LLC was started in 2016 by Kristen Beck, MS LPC to provide compassionate, high quality, flexible counseling and well-being information to individuals who are experiencing anxiety, stress, and difficulty navigating through the obstacles of life (e.g. job, family, school, meaning of life, etc.).

The ability to make better choices and respond to events in a healthier way starts with learning high quality information in a professional relationship in which the client’s autonomy is respected. Therefore, counseling services in this practice are egalitarian and incorporate science and philosophy based information that clients can use to help them learn skills to explore their values and choose actions that support those values.

Additionally, educational information about common challenges is sometimes provided to the general public (non-clients) in the form of multimedia and talks to help people who don’t have access to counseling to learn how to take steps toward more fulfilling life experiences.

(Please note: Since the birth of this company in 2016, Kristen is the only person working at this company and the only owner of the business. It is not a large agency, not tied to any medical clinics, and has no other providers. This may change in the future! But for now, please know that if you have seen another provider at any offices or online or have spoken to any other person about business matters, those individuals are not affiliated with Gresham Counseling and Therapy LLC.)

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