Gresham Counseling and Therapy LLC was started in 2016 by Kristen Beck, MS LPC to provide compassionate, high quality, flexible counseling and well-being information to individuals who are experiencing stress and difficulty navigating through the obstacles of life. Counseling services are no longer being provided. The business is closing in 2023 due to personal matters.

(Please note: Since the start of this company in 2016, Kristen has been the only person working at this company and the only owner of the business. The business has always been a small private practice and has never been a large agency or tied to any other organizations, and has never had any other providers. Any other individuals are not affiliated with Gresham Counseling and Therapy LLC, even if they or other sources suggest that they are. There are other businesses with similar names that are not affiliated with this business. There are also other professionals who practiced in shared office spaces who may have had similar addresses but are not affiliated with this business. Likewise, there are other persons named Kristen Beck or similar names who are not affiliated with this business. Please ensure that you have the correct information when trying to contact a person, professional, or business to avoid problems with communication.)

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