About Kristen Brooke Beck, MS, LPC

Kristen B. Beck, MS; mental health counselor; Gresham Counseling and Therapy LLC

Licensed Professional Counselor (OR LPC license C5661)
providing mental health counseling for adults.

Counseling Approach

Every counselor/therapist has a different approach. Some are highly directive and authoritarian and focus on test scores.  Other primarily listen without providing much verbal feedback. Some focus on feelings. Others act as coaches and focus on behaviors. There are many ways to be an effective counselor. It’s important that you find a counselor/therapist that has a counseling style that works best for you.

My Overall Counseling Approach

I use an honest, egalitarian approach in counseling.  I combine life experiences, education, and training to help my clients develop new perspectives on their circumstances. I tend to be friendly, compassionate, and understanding with my clients but also have a strong respect for professional boundaries to provide the best counseling services possible.

I believe your unique, personal story is an important part of your past, present, and future experiences and behaviors. I have found that most clients benefit from my help when we explore their stories to find their values, patterns, new perspectives, and options for change. I often encourage people to practice mindfulness and acceptance in daily activities and throughout story exploration and to focus on adaptability to circumstances to achieve valued outcomes in the moment rather than attempting achieve a specific goal or satisfy a checklist (because what we value most can change as circumstance change).

Psychotherapy and Counseling Theories

I customize counseling for each client. I typically draw from the following theories:

  • Biospychosocial Theories (i.e. focused on physical, mental, and relationship influences)
  • Cognitive Behavioral Therapy (CBT)
  • Acceptance and Commitment Therapy (ACT)
  • Narrative Therapy (NT)
  • Interpersonal Neurobiology (IPNB)
  • Clinical Psychophsyiology
  • Feminist Therapy
  • Positive Psychology


Professional and Academic

I’m deeply fascinated by the brain, improving quality of life, and the quest for happiness.  I frequently study about the following.

  • Wellness and Health
  • Family Dynamics, Child Development, and Parenting
  • Anxiety and Stress
  • Neuroscience (including neuroendocrine systems)
  • Psychophysiology
  • Interpersonal Neurobiology
  • Values Development and Motivation
  • Personal Growth and Self-Actualization
  • Biology and Ecosystems Influence on Behavior
  • Mindfulness and Meditation
  • Somatic (Body Based) Approaches to Mental Health
  • Multicultural Influences on Beliefs and Behaviors


I spend the majority of my personal time focused on my family and pets. I enjoy engaging in activities related to the following:

  • Science, Technology, Computers, and Coding
  • Comedy, Arts, Writing, and Multimedia Design
  • Traveling, Camping, Hiking, and Observing Nature
  • Gardening and Permaculture
  • Yoga, Strength Training, Walking, and Jogging

Education, Training, and Academic Awards


Master’s of Science (MS) in Mental Health Counseling (with distinction)
(CACREP Accredited Program) Harold Abel School of Social and Behavioral Sciences,  Capella University, MN
Areas of Study: human development, mental diagnoses, assessment, psychotherapy and treatment planning, counseling theories and skills, group dynamics, group counseling/therapy, relationships (family, platonic, romantic, sexual, and professional), diversity, career and lifestyle, ethics, and research

Inductee of Chi Sigma Iota
Counseling Academic & Professional Honor Society International


Bachelor’s of Arts (BA) In Natural Science (cum laude)
San Jose State University, CA
Areas of Study: biology, physics, chemistry, geology, ecosystems, scientific research, teaching (focused on child and adolescent development, education theories, and multiple-subject curriculum design), philosophy and ethics

Inductee of San Jose Sate University Phi Kappa Phi
Honor Society of Phi Kappa Phi

Associate’s of Arts (AA) in Liberal Arts (with high honors)
College of the Desert, CA
Areas of Study: literature, modern art, music theory and history, American history, psychology, computer applications, and human communication

Professional Education

I have had professional continuing education in the following areas (please note this list may not be updated with all topics):

  • Anatomy and Physiology for Behavioral Clinicians and Biological Basis of Behavior
  • Psychophysiology
  • Suicide
  • Multicultural Issues
  • Acceptance and Commitment Therapy
  • Narrative Therapy
  • Neurobiology of Complex Trauma
  • Forward Facing Trauma Therapy
  • Integrative Mental Health Provider Training
  • Cognitive Behavioral Therapy
  • Ethics

Resources utilized to inform my professional development and work with clients include (but are not limited to) the following:

Acceptance and Commitment Therapy (ACT), Relational Frame Theory (RFT), and Contextual Behavioral Science (CBS)
Multimedia resources for members via the Journal of Contextual Behavioral Science (JCBS) and the Association for Contextual Behavioral Science (ACBS)

Narrative Therapy (NT)
Multimedia resources via the International Journal of Narrative Therapy and Community Work and the Dulwich Centre https://dulwichcentre.com.au/

Additional professional resources may not be listed here.

Other Areas of Education

These include areas of study (with and without certificates) that are not directly associated with my counseling practice, but some clients appreciate knowing that I have experience with and knowledge of these topics.

  • Academic, Professional, and Creative Writing
  • Music Theory and Performance
  • Computer Programming / Coding
  • Full Stack Web Development
  • Genealogy
  • Physical Fitness Training


During my registered internships, my supervisors monitored my work with clients and consulted with me on cases. While I am no longer an intern, I still continue to consult with them on some cases as needed. 

Sarah Lincoln Pattee, MS, LPC is a Licensed Professional Counselor and approved supervisor for LPCs in Oregon (license #C3773).

Katrina Gould MSW LCSW is a Licensed Clinical Social Workers and approved supervisor for LPCs in Oregon (license #3447).

Professional Experience

These include professional experience that is relevant to mental health and counseling.

President and Professional / Mental Health Counselor (2016-2023)
Gresham Counseling and Therapy LLC
Supervisors during pre-licensure (2016-2020): Sarah Lincoln Pattee, MS, LPC & Katrina Gould, LCSW.
Supervision consultation post-licensure: Ongoing consultation with Katrina Gould, LCSW
Providing mental health counseling to individual adults and adolescents with 

  • anxiety
  • trauma history
  • obsessive-compulsive disorders
  • depressive disorders
  • family related stress
  • stage of life issues
  • relationship issues
  • academic and career issues
  • suicidal ideation
  • non-suicidal self-injury

Volunteer Counselor (2015-2016)
William Temple House, OR
Supervisor: Sarah Lincoln Pattee, MS, LPC.
Director: Dr. Susan Bettis, PhD.
Providing mental health counseling to individual adults and adolescents with

  • suicidal ideation
  • trauma history
  • anxiety
  • depression
  • obsessive-compulsive disorders
  • mood disorders (e.g. depression, bipolar)
  • family-related stress
  • relationship problems
  • career-related stress
  • substance use.

Student Intern Counselor (2015)
William Temple House, OR
Supervisor: Susan Hatfield, MA, LPC.
Director: Dr. Susan Bettis, PHD.
Providing mental health counseling to individual adults and adolescents with

  • anxiety disorders
  • mood disorders
  • career-related stress
  • parenting-related stress
  • family-related stress
  • substance use
  • trauma
  • developmental disorders.

Volunteer Mentor (2014-2017)
Baby Blues Connection, OR
Program Director: Angie Fitzpatrick
Training support providers (e.g. group facilitators, individual phone support volunteers, online support volunteers) to work with parents with pregnancy and postpartum stress and mental health disorders as well as families managing stress related to parenting

Volunteer Support Group Facilitator (2009-2014)
Baby Blues Connection, OR
Program Director: Angie Fitzpatrick
Leading support groups for mothers and couples facing the challenges of parenthood as well as pregnancy and postpartum related disorders, such as

  • postpartum depression
  • postpartum anxiety
  • postpartum psychosis
  • bipolar disorder with postpartum onset
  • obsessive compulsive disorder with postpartum onset
  • parenting-related stress
  • adjustment disorder
  • post traumatic stress disorder (related to childbirth)
  • changes in relationships due to parenthood

Volunteer IT Coordinator (2004-2006)
Baby Blues Connection, OR
Executive Director: Molly Padulo, MA, LPC
Coordinating technology plans for implementation with services that focus on supporting mothers with postpartum depression

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