About Kristen B. Beck, MS, LPC

Licensed Professional Counselor (OR LPC license C5661)

I am no longer providing counseling services.

If you have worked with me in the past and are looking for providers with a similar approach, you may look for providers with similar approaches. My integrative approach has included egalitarian professional relationships, biopsychosocial considerations, Acceptance and Commitment Therapy, Narrative Therapy, Cognitive Behavioral Therapy, and somatic awareness and movement. Please note, I am not making specific recommendations or referrals to other providers at this time.

During my pre-licensure, my supervisors monitored my work with clients and consulted with me on cases. I continue to consult with them as needed.

Sarah Lincoln Pattee, MS, LPC is a Licensed Professional Counselor and approved supervisor for LPCs in Oregon (license #C3773).

Katrina Gould MSW LCSW is a Licensed Clinical Social Workers and approved supervisor for LPCs in Oregon (license #3447).

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