Contact Info


Kristen Beck: (503) 766-9083

Called are typically returned within 1 week (but sometimes may take longer).

I do not offer crisis services.
Call 911 for emergencies.
Call 988 for mental health crises.

I am not providing counseling sessions to prior or new clients at this time. Please do not call requesting counseling services.

Other Contact Info

Please call to request and verify other contact information.

Please note, email typically takes 1 week, for a response (but sometimes may take longer).

Physical mail is typically checked 1 time per week.

DO NOT send mail to any physical address, PO Box, or email address without first verifying the address with me to avoid items being sent to the wrong place.

To protect client information, do not send any confidential information to me without verifying my contact information with me first.

Other Providers: Kristen Beck, MS LPC has been the only counselor in this private practice, which started providing services in 2016 and ceased seeing clients in 2023. If you are attempting to contact a different counselor or other provider, another business with words like Gresham Counseling or Gresham Therapy in the name, a provider that provided services before 2016 or after 2023, another provider or business in the same office building or office, or Wise Counsel and Comfort, please look up their contact information specifically online. I cannot provide services, records, message relay, or contact information for such individuals or organizations.

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