Forms for Appointments

Forms are filled out online using a secure client portal, which will be set up after our initial phone consultation. You can review the forms here.

Policy Forms

All clients must read and sign BOTH of the following forms and prior to the first session. (You do not need to print out or submit these paper forms unless you are instructed to do so.)

You may need to sign additional documents prior to your appointment depending on your circumstances.

Client Intake Information and Assessment Questionnaire Forms

Client intake forms and assessment are completed online using a secure client portal. These will include questions your contact information, mental health and relationship history, current mental health symptoms, reasons you are currently seeking counseling, and other information that may be necessary for your counseling.

What If I Have Visual Limitations?

If you have visual limitations, you may be able to use a screen reader app or software to read the documents to you in the client portal. You may also need to receive assistance from a trusted person or your counselor.

What If I Can’t Use the Online Client Portal?

If you are unable to use the online client portal (such as if you do not have regular access to a computer, smart phone, tablet, etc.; do not have access to the Internet; or have other limitations that prevent you from using an online portal), please contact me via phone or email. In such situations, I can email the documents to you, so you can print them out and sign paper copies of the documents; or I can mail them to you via USPS if you do not have access to email.

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