Research Sources for Evidence Based Counseling Approaches

Licensed professional counselors and other healthcare professionals who practice research-based styles of counseling therapy use information from published research articles. These articles are produced by the mental healthcare professional community and often undergo a critical process to ensure they contain accurate information. Many people aren’t familiar with research reports and articles used by healthcare professionals. (The stuff you see in random blogs and mainstream news reports isn’t the same thing. Such posts and stories are usually edited summaries that may not tell the whole story, may be misinterpreted, or may be used unethically to sway consumer opinions).

Knowledge truly can give you the power to see things from a new perspective (and to choose your therapists wisely). I’m providing a sample of such resources to empower you to learn more about mental health research. While the information may be a bit confusing, it will give you a glimpse into the documents licensed mental health professionals look through frequently to provide the best service possible to you. And if you find something that really makes sense to you, you may be able to apply to your own journey.

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