Ending and Healing from Difficult Relationships

Whether it’s a friendship, a romantic partnership or marriage, a business relationship, or a relationship with a family member, leaving difficult relationships is hard. We don’t end relationships because they were “good”. We end them because something about them was painful.

If we wanted to continue the relationship, but the other person ended it, we can find ourselves in deep shame, guilt, and hopelessness. Sometimes, we can feel desperate and doomed to be alone.

The harsh reality is that relationships come and go, start and end. Very few relationships will be consistent throughout your entire life. But this doesn’t have to be a tragic roller coaster of emotions. We can learn to appreciate them, grow into a higher level of social wisdom, and let them go to make space for new relationships that offer greater fulfillment.

The process of moving forward can be difficult, painful, and even scary, but it can lead you to a healthier mindset and better opportunities for connection. Acceptance and Commitment Therapy (ACT) may be a beneficial part of this journey.

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